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Welcome to Defaf Al Khaleej

For All of your Security Needs

Protecting people and their assets in support of their success

Mobile Security Force

We provide fully trained Mobile Security Teams to escort clients during their visit to Iraq.

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Static Security Force

In depth discussions between Clients and Defaf Al Khaleej ensures that the best security plan is put into place which meets and surpasses the clients expectations.

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Risk Management

Defaf Al Khaleej assists organizations mitigate business and security threats by protecting their people and assets.

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Risk Reduction

Defaf Al Khaleej’s Project and Country Management Team work closely and collegiality with client staff to ensure risks are effectively communicated.

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About Us

Established in 2005, Defaf Al Khaleej is a prominent and respected security company, meeting all legal requirements and licensed by both the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Ministry of Interior (MOI) in order to operate in Iraq.

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All Iraqi personnel are recruited through community/ family networks, the neighbourhoods of client compounds or areas of operations and on direct referral from trusted sources.  This recruitment methodology ensures, to the greatest possible extent, that all Iraqi personnel have a vested interest in supporting and protecting client personnel and each other.  In addition, all Iraqi security personnel are fully vetted, prior to employment, by the Iraq Ministry of the Interior, Basra Intelligence and Basra Operations.

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Defaf Al Khaleej is obligated by contract to provide well trained operators and security personnel in order to carry out the core tasks required.  In order to meet this obligation, Defaf Al Khaleej is required to ensure all operators employed are at the requisite standard of operational knowledge and skills prior to commencing the contract and are subject to on-going testing and refresher training to sustain skills at operational levels.

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Defaf Al Khaleej understands and recognizes that security is not a stand-alone function and that great care must be taken to ensure an alignment with both the culture and operational requirements of each organization, Defaf Al Khallej will provide solutions based with this at the forefront this allows for us to advance the clients objectives while reducing their exposure to risk.
In achieving this, Defaf Al Khaleej will work closely with the client and as the client’s provider, Defaf Al Khaleej will go to great lengths to understand the client’s strategic requirements and the inherent risks associated.
Defaf Al Khaleej will always focus our approach at the senior decision making level. We acknowledge that no two organizations are alike and while we adhere to established and proven principles, all our solutions will be specific to the needs of each client.

Our Clients

Defaf Al Khaleej maintains excellent relationships with all our clients. At present we provide a range of security solutions to the oil and gas, construction, governmental and NGO sectors across the Basra region.