Basra Region Security

Defaf Al Khaleej provides a spectrum of protective security services from Protective Security Details (PSD), static guards, mobile site security, convoy escorts, and client training.  Overseen 24/7 by operations centres, manned by Expat and LN Operations Managers.  With Intelligence reports complemented with a high level of local intelligence and knowledge, allows the company to have greater daily situational awareness.  Especially in shifting environment situations, resulting in increased safety and security.

Static Site Security

Provision of manpower and technology to protect strategic permanent and semi-permanent facilities in a resilient and cost effective manner.  By the result of a comprehensive risk assessment, provided by our Security Manager.

We recognise the challenges of providing a secure working environment – particularly when a client’s worksites are geographically dispersed. We use a variety of positions;

  • Expatriate security/project managers
  • Expatriate operations managers
  • LN Shift Supervisor
  • Entry Control Point (ECP) Guards
  • Watchtower Guards
  • Perimeter Patrols
  • Doorkeepers
  • Interpreters

Convoy Escort Teams

We can deliver security for cargo being transported between locations over Urban and remote ground with general movement management.

Mobile Security

Our qualified, trained and experienced mobile security teams enable our clients to move safely and securely in high-risk, uncertain, and hostile environments. Our vehicles and crews are configured to meet the client’s requirements (ranging from Armoured Protective Vehicles through to B6-level armoured land cruisers, and soft-skin cars), within the context of the operating environment. We provide our clients with ground study and route analysis for all movements, contingency planning and ‘first line’ medical support in the event of an incident.

Our Mobile Security Services typically include any or all of the following:

  • Operational Management – 24/7 Operations Room with satellite tracking system
  • Movement Authority Letters
  • Provision of armoured or soft-skin vehicles to the req specification;
  • Armoured or soft skin vehicles are fully equipped with task appropriate equipment including extraction, recovery and medical equipment;
  • Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance;
  • Communications system including GSM, Satellite, VHF and HF radios.
  • Team leaders and team members undergo selection and refresher training which includes appropriate code of conduct and Rules for Use of Force (RUF)  training;
  • Mobile medics are trained to First Person On Scene (FPOSi) standard
Commercial Services

Defaf Al Khaleej offers a spectrum of security services to companies operating in Basra Region Iraq. Providing increased safety for clients and security for valuable equipment and resources. Defaf Al Khaleej has the local knowledge and insight with intelligence to advise companies on the current situation, when looking to invest in an array of emerging markets within Iraq.  Defaf Al Khaleej can also provide human resources, management services and through our association with local Iraqi companies we can also provide logistical support, life support and most supplementary requirements to operate within Iraq.

Services Offered Include:

Crisis Management and Response

The way an organization plans and prepares for a major crisis is indicative of how it will respond.   Defaf Al Khaleej has a developed and robust process for dealing with serious and critical incidents.  We believe that we are best served by a coherent and joint partnership approach to emergency and crisis management response arrangements.  Defaf Al Khaleej therefore stresses the value of relationship management throughout the depth of the contract to enhance situational awareness and coordinated response from our Headquarters through to the program whilst looking at contingency plans.

  • Evacuation Planning
  • Coordinated resources
  • Uplift in manning levels

Speacilist Human Resources Services

Defaf Al Khaleej can assist in the human resources within Iraq when companies require assistance and knowledge of procedures and processes within departments, within the Basra Government Region’s

Life Support

Linked to out Logistic Support we can manage the booking of appropriate security managed accommodation facilities within the Basra region providing:

  • On suite rooms
  • Catering facilities
  • Laundry Service
  • Recreational facilities

Risk Assessement

Defaf Al Khaleej operational risk management helps our clients understand and control their risks when operating in low and high risk areas. We can do this by the following methods.

  • Embedded Expatriate Staff
  • Journey Management
  • Intelligence reporting (Daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Travel Assessment

Close Personal Protection (CPP)

We provide experienced operators, to provide that close protection for clients who are either visiting high risk environments or working and living in benign environments.

Logistic Support

Defaf Al Khaleej can assist in the procurement of the equipment through our trusted suppliers at competitive rates, but not limited to:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Ballistic Protective Equipment (BPE);
  • Communications equipment;
  • Search equipment (metal detectors, search wands and mirrors);
  • Medical equipment;
  • Life Support equipment (generators, refrigeration units, ISO containers);
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) equipment.
Special Support Services

Explosive Detection Dog Teams (EDDTs)

Trained to detect and prevent illegal and terrorist activities with a relation to explosive threats. They provide a prompt and specialised response to bomb threats and other dangerous items that may present a threat to clients’ assets and lives. These detection activities allow the EDDTs to confirm or rule out the presence of hazardous materials and enable business activities to continue with minimal or no interruption. Defaf Al Khaleej has close relations with highly recommended companies to provide this service to perform the following operational tasks:

  • Entry control points
  • Building Search Techniques
  • Open Area Search Techniques
  • Vehicle Search Techniques
  • Luggage Search Techniques


Is a United States based canine service provider, specializing in immediate mobilization of certified explosive detection, narcotic detection, patrol, and special purpose canine teams for government, law enforcement, and private entities worldwide. They have emerged as the leading canine service provider with a reputation for integrity in business, consistency in delivery, and excellence in quality and performance. To further understand the scope and size of this proven canine service, canine teams perform over two million searches each year.


All training, certification, quarterly validations, and operations shall comply with the US Military AR 190-12 Military Working Dog Standard.  A Senior Trainer will be assigned to oversee all training, accreditation and Quality Management. He will deploy with the transition team to facilitate mobilization and mission preparations. The Trainer will conduct monthly inspections and quarterly assessment and validation of all teams. A veterinarian will deploy to the worksite quarterly to conduct scheduled kennel checks to maintain canine health and welfare.