About us

Who We Are

Established in 2005, Defaf Al Khaleej is a prominent and respected security company, meeting all legal requirements and licensed by both the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Ministry of Interior (MOI) in order to operate in Iraq.

Defaf Al Khaleej is a proven specialist in supporting and facilitating client’s requirements in the high risk environment that Iraq offers.   We have provided professional security and operational support services since our establishment in 2005.   Our capabilities include high pedigree security and risk management capabilities, logistical and technical support, development of security plans to protect clients, sites and convoys.

Methodology – Defaf Al Khaleej understands and recognizes that security is not a stand-alone function and that great care must be taken to ensure an alignment with both the cultural and operational requirements of each organization. Defaf Al Khaleej will provide solutions based with this at the forefront allowing us to advance the clients objectives while reducing their exposure to risk.

Defaf Al Khaleej will work closely with the client and as the client’s provider to understand the client’s strategic requirements and communicate effectively and clearly the associated inherent risks.
Defaf Al Khaleej will always focus our approach at the senior decision making level. We acknowledge that no two organizations are alike and while we adhere to established and proven principles all our solutions will be tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Our ethos as a company is built upon:

  • Professionalism, excellence and integrity
  • Client confidentiality and absolute discretion
  • Respect for human rights and the Law incorporating the Code of Conduct and Voluntary Principles
  • Corporate Transparency
  • Social responsibility
  • A duty of care to all our employees

Defaf Al Khaleej assists organisations mitigate business and security threats by protecting their people and assets by offering clients a comprehensive suite of turn-key risk management solutions. We have been providing security services for both domestic and international clients, assisting them to understand and balance the risks with the opportunities when operating in complex or hostile environments.

Our flexible and diverse approach to business ensures we have in place the facilities to provide logistical and technical support as well as develop security plans and procedures to provide security for a wide-ranging of security requirements:

  • Mission/Project Planning Support
  • Local Area Reconnaissance
  • Personal Security Awareness Training
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • On-going Risk Assessment to inform Operational Planning
  • Embassies
  • Visiting Attaches
  • Banks
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • People visiting Iraq on business
  • Static site protection
  • Convoy protection
  • Tourist attractions
  • Close and force protection
  • Government organizations and Non Government Organizations
  • Oil facilities protection


Our Clients

Defaf AL Khaleej maintains excellent relationships with all our clients. At present we provide a range of security solutions within the Oil and Gas Industry in the Basra region as well as Basra International Airport.


Defaf Al Khaleej’s approach to security provision is based on the following principles:

  • Security is an enabling function that allows organizations to achieve their own programming objectives in as safe and effective a manner as is possible.
  • Security functions are fully aligned with the overall security structure developed by our clients.
  • Regular and ongoing consultation is critical to ensuring that security supports the delivery of client’s programs.

The capacity to adjust both the security profile and numbers of security personnel is required in order to allow flexibility and scalability (up & down), thus permitting client the ability to function effectively in the hazardous and dynamic environment that is Iraq.

Adopt innovative practices and solutions that enhance our security solutions and in turn reduce the levels of exposure and risk to clients, as well as ensuring effective resource usage.

Company Objective

Our primary objective is to strive to meet our clients’ needs in order to provide comprehensive security solutions for them to achieve their objectives and goals.  We understand that the people within their organization are their greatest asset and therefore require the highest standard of professional service.

Regardless of any security requirements Defaf Al Khaleej are able to provide any bespoke security solutions necessary.

We also play a significant role in supporting the security services whenever possible in order to provide a safe a secure environment as well as to mitigate the burden on the security forces.  We also provide assistance to the public in the event of any breaches of security.