Crisis Management & Risk Mitigation

Risk Reduction Methodology

The way an organization plans and prepares for a major crisis is indicative of how it will respond; Defaf Al Khaleej has a mature and robust process for dealing with serious and critical incidents.  These may be an incident or issue which may adversely affect the operation, image or reputation of the client or Defaf Al Khaleej.

We believe that we are best served by a coherent and joint partnership approach to emergency and crisis management response arrangements, this is particularly important if the incident attracts media interest.  Defaf Al Khaleej therefore stresses the value of relationship management throughout the depth of the contract to enhance situational awareness and a coordinated response.

Defaf Al Khaleej’s long tenure in an unpredictable environment and wide operational footprint means we have successfully dealt with critical incidents over the past eight years.  Our systems are robust, involve people in the organization acting on unified and common information, and working in a coordinated, reliable and professional manner that is in accordance with our clients’ needs and best interests.

Defaf Al Khaleej’s Project and Country Management Team work closely and collegially with client staff to ensure risks are effectively communicated.  Planning of missions will always be conducted with risk mitigation balanced with programming necessity.

The execution of missions and tasks will always be conducted with the number of staff appropriate.  Tracking, monitoring, briefing and debriefing are all core functions/ tasks to ensure clients have widest situational awareness.

Defaf Al Khaleej will continue to conduct regular reviews of the operating environment and threats, and subsequently will evolve our Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to ensure our on-going security efforts are effective and relevant.

We strive to provide and deliver an integrated approach to resilient risk and security management, where individual elements join seamlessly to provide operational objectives and deliver the desired successful results.

Defaf Al Khaleej’s integration of carefully selected and vetted International and Iraqi personnel into our teams will continue to allow us to have a deeper understanding of cultural and environmental “atmospherics” to inform both our security planning and our security conduct.

Risk Management

Defaf Al Khaleej assists organizations mitigate business and security threats by protecting their people and assets, offering our clients a comprehensive suite of turn-key risk management solutions. We have been providing security services for both domestic and international clients since 2005 assisting them to understand and manage the risks of operating in complex and hostile environments.

We offer an advisory service on Risk Management which actively develops solutions to prevent risk or contain where necessary.  This is achieved through ‘Ground-truth’ risk analysis reporting that enables critical decision-making, mitigates risk, demonstrates duty of care and expedites project success. Our unique local communities networks and operating as an Iraqi owned company enables us to obtain intelligence through numerous credible sources and tie in effectively and reliably with Iraqi Security Forces.

Health and Safety

Iraq with its harsh environment, threats to safety and difficult working conditions, can be a challenging landscape in which to operate.   Given this, Defaf Al Khaleej makes the safety of our clients and employees our first priority.  Our supervisors and employees are all trained to follow strict, well-documented procedures and policies and to report any potentially dangerous operating conditions.  Continual improvement in every area in which we work is mandatory as we adapt to change in meeting not only Iraqi regulations governing Private Security Companies, but also international security industry standards and responsibilities.

Defaf Al Khaleej actively supports the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, a framework that provides standards for companies regarding safety and security of operations while upholding basic human rights.