Recruitment, Selection and Vetting of Iraqi Security Personnel

All Iraqi personnel are recruited through community/ family networks, the neighbourhoods of client compounds or areas of operations and on direct referral from trusted sources.  This recruitment methodology ensures, to the greatest possible extent, that all Iraqi personnel have a vested interest in supporting and protecting client personnel and each other.  In addition, all Iraqi security personnel are fully vetted, prior to employment, by the Iraq Ministry of the Interior, Basra Intelligence and Basra Operations.

Criminal and employment checks (via previous employers) are conducted where possible; where time-frames preclude this, personnel are required to sign a Statutory Declaration declaring criminal and employment good conduct while background checks are completed.

Each individual is required to provide:

  • Police records check certificate or equivalent showing they have no criminal convictions on their record
  • Military or police honourable discharge certificate
  • Medical certificate stating they are Fit to work in Hostile environment
  • References from 2 x former employers
  • Each individual is required to provide a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner certifying them as fully fit in all aspects for work and free from infection of HIV, Hepatitis C and TB
  • Undertake a psychological interview with a registered practitioner (where contractually required).

Defaf Al Khaleej only employ ex-servicemen who have served for at least 5-10 years in a military or police leaving the service with an honourable discharge.