Operations Room

The Operations Room (Ops Room) plays an important and integral part of the Defaf Al Khaleej’s command and control.  The Ops Room personnel’s presence and function is vital for the immediate and subsequent reporting and coordination of any incident, maintaining a communications log and ensuring the whereabouts of all team members at all times.

The composition of the Ops Room  contain a mix of expats and Iraqi nationals so that the experience and local knowledge can be utilized to form an effective dialogue with team members whilst deployed on tasks.

  • Mission request system in place
  • Mission request log and record system in place
  • 24 Hour monitoring in place
  • Media coverage at hand for information and dissemination
  • Map library in place
  • Contact list in place
  • QRF, PSD, Static Security Guards SOP’s in place
  • Istar Transponder system in place
  • IT system operating for country operations
  • Iraqi Net Mobile system in place
  • Motorola 340 Base Station in place
  • Codan system in place
  • CCTV in place
  • Training packages for all communication systems in place

Intelligence Led Operations – Defaf Al Khaleej believes that, to be operationally successful, information and analysis must underpin operational posturing, advice and conduct. As members of OSAC and Sicuro, we receive daily Intelligence Reports for both Basra and wider Iraq.  Defaf Al Khaleej also receives reports and situational awareness from other sources including Basra Intelligence, ISF and open source reporting.  Furthermore, Defaf Al Khaleej has a vast number of Iraqi employees from various geographical locations across the province and many cultural backgrounds providing an unmatched human intelligence (HUMINT) network. Defaf Al Khaleej benefits greatly from both specific information as well as general atmospherics provided by these individuals which includes detailed information on transport routes, city access points and check points, religious holidays, demonstrations and potential areas of hostility within the AO.

The routine and time critical information and analytical products generated are hence extended to our clients; The regimen of Defaf Al Khaleej’s information and analysis products include:

  • Daily assessments including information on regional and local areas
  • On-occurrence reporting (immediate to inform time critical decisions)
  • Specific security risk and threat assessments and detail on emerging or continuing trends that may affect client operations

Defaf Al Khaleej’s reporting seeks to provide relevant and timely situational awareness to the client and informs risk reduction and mitigation decisions and strategies.

Where applicable the main conduit of information to the client will be via the Operations or Project Manager and will consist of the following:

  • Daily Intelligence
  • Weekly Intelligence Reports
  • Treat Assessments
  • Threat Group Briefs
  • Site Surveys/Area Threat Analyses
  • Intel Briefing to Clients
  • Threat Training

An important component in the information and analysis process is locally sourced information.  Each PSD Team Leader is responsible for the gathering and assessment of local information as well as the passage of information to client’s staff.